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Wordfringe 2006

Land and Sea: Four Women's Eyes

(and the sound of it all)

Sheena Blackhall, Irene Leake, Olive Ritch & Rhondda Greig, with Amanda Armitage, bowed psaltery

Tuesday 16 May 2006


Committee Room, Aberdeen Central Library
(enter by middle stairs)

Admission Free

Sheena Blackhall is a poet, short story writer, folksinger and book illustrator who writes mainly in Scots. She has published many books and from 1998-2003 was Creative Writing Fellow in Scots at Aberdeen University's Elphinstone Institute. She has won the Hugh MacDiarmid trophy for Scots and the Robert McLellan Cup for short story writing.

Irene Leake is a visual artist and poet. Her first encounter with the sea was briefly at the age of eleven. Ever since leaving her childhood home she has headed for the coastal fringes.

Olive Ritch is an Orcadian born and brought up in the Orkney Islands. Though it's some years now since she left, most of her imagery and rhythms are still drawn from the land and the sea and the people of these Northern isles.

Rhondda Greig is a New Zealand artist and writer living in Scotland and currently Artist-in-Residence at the University of Aberdeen. Here is the land her forbears vacated and never returned to. There are words to find for the telling of this.

Amanda Armitage writes: My music is mainly improvised and has its roots in a closeness to nature. When I am playing I imagine soaring over Scottish hills or looking out over a calm shimmering sea. The tunes are drawn out of the sense of freedom and openness these scenes inspire.

Sponsored by Spring Tides Poetry Group