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Wordfringe 2006

Three Tales from the West African Coast

Written and read by Martin Walsh
with music by Haworth Hodgkinson

Tuesday 30 May 2006


Enigma Café Bar, 17 Belmont Street

Admission Free

Sierra Leone Beach

Escape for an hour to the tropical shores of West Africa. Listen to Momadu as he skips school to fish for sardines off the Turtle Islands.

Sierra Leone Boys

Taste the fear of the American teacher as he encounters his worst nightmare. Thrill to the near collision of a tiny African fishing boat and the QE2.

Sierra Leone Boat

Martin Walsh worked in Sierra Leone as a Fisheries volunteer in the mid 1960s. His experiences there were so vivid and compelling that almost forty years later, like the ancient mariner, he has no choice but to tell them to any who will listen. He is published and appeared on Radio 4 this year.

Martin Walsh

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