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wordfringe 2007
1–31 May


Week 4

Monday 21 May
Aberdeen Arts Centre

Confessions and Rants
Wordfringe Festival Players in new drama from Wendy Ivers, Matthew Jupe, Pauline de Koning, Cal Wallace & Haworth Hodgkinson

Tuesday 22 May
Aberdeen Central Library

Michael Molden and Friends
Michael Molden, with poets from Ellon and Glasgow

Tuesday 22 May

Anything Prose: A Likely Story
Josh Artmeier, a vet pushed to the edge of sanity, with Helen Elizabeth Ramsey and her refreshingly diverse group of writers

Wednesday 23 May
Gordon Highlanders Museum

War and Peace: A Terrible Beauty
A meditation on war and peace, with Sheena Blackhall, Ian Watt, Paulina Vanderbilt, Morag Skene & Douglas Kynoch

Thursday 24 May
Books and Beans

A Loon and Three Quines
Poets Jim C. Wilson, Paulina Vanderbilt & Catriona Yule, with Margaret Preston (flute)

Friday 25 May
Better Read Books, Ellon

Laughter, Love, Lochnagar
Koo Press presents Maureen Ross, Brian Lawrie & Douglas Kynoch

Saturday 26 May
1pm — 3pm
Better Read Books, Ellon

Book Signing
Knotbrook Taylor & Haworth Hodgkinson

Sunday 27 May
Me FM (105.8FM)

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Week 5

Monday 28 May

Strong words and sweet music, with Morag Skene, Gráinne Smith, Judith Taylor, James Hughes & Charlie Styles

Tuesday 29 May
Aberdeen Central Library

The Thinking Man's Axl Rose
Performance poet Ash Dickinson

Tuesday 29 May

Three Animal Tales
Martin Walsh's tales of a flying frog, a stroppy goose, and the pelican and the pigeon, with music by Haworth Hodgkinson

Wednesday 30 May
Duff House, Banff

Deveron Words: Catch the Moment
From the Cabrach to Banff Brig: Writers of the Deveron with Angus Dunn, Hilda Meers & Huntly Writers

Thursday 31 May
Books and Beans

There's a Poem in my Soup
A feast to celebrate the launch of a new book of poetry and recipes in aid of CHILDREN 1ST (RSSPCC)

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Anything Prose: A Likely Story

Josh Artmeier, with members of the group Anything Prose

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Enigma [Venue 3]

Admission Free

The best prose event in Aberdeen this year? A likely story! We're the people you should have heard of but probably haven't. Yet. Anything Prose brings together a refreshingly diverse goup of writers — sample tomorrow's published talent today! Contributors are Cath Ferguson, Cal Wallace, Rapunzel Wizard, Helen Elizabeth Ramsey, Elaine Kay and Roger Barnett.

After a short break, our guest Josh Artmeier will read from his latest book Pet Hates.

Josh Artmeier

Josh Artmeier is a vet pushed to the edge of sanity, not afraid to speak his stressed mind. His recently published book, Pet Hates (The Shocking Truth about Pets and Vets) has sent shockwaves through the veterinary profession. Don't come if you expect cosy anecdotes about fluffy kittens and cuddly puppies!

Cath Ferguson

Cath Ferguson is a recent immigrant to Aberdeen (from Edinburgh). She has been writing for around 10 years and has had a few short stories published as well as short plays performed at the Traverse in Edinburgh. She has recently completed a novel.

Cal Wallace

Cal Wallace writes short stories, and is currently attempting a novel. He has been published in Issues 2 and 5 of Pushing Out the Boat. His short monologue Gully Molly, which appeared in The Lemon Tree programme, is being adapted to film by Dutch film maker Mark van Hugten.

Rapunzel Wizard

Rapunzel Wizard performs comic poems with a political edge. This has led to him being called The Beast from Brighton, which was a good description until he moved to Aberdeen. Tonight offers a rare chance to hear some of his prose writing.

Helen Elizabeth Ramsey

Helen Elizabeth Ramsey is presently lurching from crisis to crisis and becoming scattier by the day. She is hoping that when the dust settles (literally) at home, and her sense of humour kicks in, the sagas of the last six months will provide oodles of new material. At the moment she is looking back at her time spent working in the woods and walking the tightrope between autobiography and fiction.

Elaine Kay

Elaine Kay grew up in Paisley, but has lived in Aberdeen for eleven out of the last twelve years, and justifies the fact that she writes mainly short stories and short poems on the pretext that she works full time and doesn't have time to write anything longer.

Roger Barnett

Roger Barnett says: "I first started writing pieces 35 years ago as statements on how I felt about the world and society in general. I still find this very therapeutic even today. It's also great fun! I try to keep my stuff as simple as possible. Communication is the main thing."

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Anything Prose

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Enigma Café Bar
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