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1st–31st May 2009


Makar Making
First Friday Fling with Janis MacKay
Pushing Out the Boat
Night at the Light
From Pennan to Penang
Trio Verso
Demented Eloquence Tag-Team Word Wrestling
Prometheus: A River Stained with Iron
Cream of Strathbogie
Expect the Best: Elspeth Murray
Speak Volumes
Coming Home
Double Launch
The Night Mare V Fear of Intimacy
In Search of Salt (Ellon)
In Search of Salt (Aberdeen)
John Hegley
Drawing out the Creativity
Fredrik Sixten: Requiem
The Word Birds
Voyager Poets
Not Drowning but Waving
Fresh Ayr
Young People's Poetry Competition Prizegiving
Closing Verses

The Word Birds

Join us on our flights of fancy, and prepare to have your feathers ruffled

Monday 25 May 2009

Tarts and Crafts, Balmedie [Map]

The Word Birds' event delivered a journey in emotion and sensation that was at once moving and uplifting. Featuring Jean Harrison (Cinnamon Press, Forward Prize shortlisted), Jennifer Copley (Arrowhead, Smith/Doorstop, Smokestack), Sue Vickerman (Arrowhead Press, Biscuit Publishing) and Elizabeth Burns (Shoestring Press, Diehard, Polygon), the four unique voices complemented each other in a seamless rendering of raw experience.

Sue Vickerman entranced with a mixture of wit and haunting melody. Her poem Low Pressure, about Aberdeen, features in the Aberdeen University anthology Silver: An Aberdeen Anthology.

Jean Harrison bewitched on a variety of themes, including Birdweed, an intriguing glimpse of a future Earth.

Elizabeth Burns enchanted with a web of emotion and nature, including the moving Held, examining the notion of vessels and concluding that "water is a nest of stone". This was a poem not to be forgotten.

Jennifer Copley stunned with a moving medley of deep emotion.

The evening was a sublime mix of different voices and diverse themes, a clever blend of the serious and light-hearted, humour and drama, grief and gaiety.

Rachel Grant

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Tarts and Crafts

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Gordon Forum for the Arts
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