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Speak Volumes

CD launch of pop, sonic art, and spoken word, with Miriama Young and Catherine Bowman

Saturday 9 May 2009

Woodend Barn, Banchory [Map]

Part of the Woodend Barn Weekend
Part of New Words / New Sounds

Speak Volumes

Catherine Bowman and Miriama Young on stage at Woodend Barn

Photo by Louise Rossiter

Miriama and Catherine's performance began with a recording of deep breathing — was it an old man snoring or was it the sounds of the womb?

Miriama's voice and the sounds of her harmonium were primordial, from another world. We were gently transported away from our present worlds to an ancestral time of which we are only aware in our genes and that is occasionally revealed in our dreams.

Catherine's poetry, read with a Texan accent, barely audible to begin with, became deliberately clearer and more defined as the performance progressed. Lists of memories, words, patterns, pursued like heart beats in a mesmeric fashion. Plays on words, shadow meanings, different for each person, Chinese whispers and associations, words and sounds were woven into a wonder tapestry and with the rain on the roof of the Woodend Barn we were all part of this fabric of the past, present and future.

Miriama's sparse chord sequences on the piano and her beautiful voice breathing life into the spaces invoked a sense of the creation of the world.

This was an outstanding Wordfringe performance debut. Don't miss them if they ever perform near you again.

Fiona Hope

Promoted by

University of Aberdeen

Supported by

Indiana University, USA
Creative New Zealand
Lilburn Trust
Woodend Barn, Banchory

Creative NZ Sound


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